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Within week 1 of using track. io the Edinburgh Gyle store slashed their compliance checks time by 83% and are now going paperless.

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Nothing slows a team down like lack of information and clarity.

Without accurate information available when needed. PA's, managers and advisors are left in the dark as to how their stores are performing and what their targets are.

  • Track. io emails precise scheduled reports to PA's around the clock.

  • Dashboards and leaderboards make it easy to digest and analyse sales and store data.

  • It's a breeze to create, export, download and sort reports with Track. io.

  • Track .io is fully cloud enabled. Meaning information is available real-time and in sync 24/7.

Information is easily accessible for PA's, managers and advisors.

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It can become overwhelming managing multiple stores.

Track .io's goal is to make running multiple stores as frictionless as possible by providing you and your team with all the information you need and more in one centralised hub.

  • Sort/view/compare between stores.

  • Sync policies between stores and update when required.

  • Send notifications to all stores.

  • In-depth breakdown's into what and who earned PA's money across stores.

Create a unified network of stores that work together.


Track .io is bursting with features that allow PA's to take control of their stores and gain valuable new insights.

Breakdown of what and who makes PA's money

Scheduled emailed reports

Custom in-depth KPI's

Tracking of tariffs and plans


Quick and easy compliance checks

Advisor leaderboards

Real-time tracking of sales

Real AI powered forecasting

Reminders to upsell

Easy performance review

Paperless cloud historical files

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